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Greater Manchester Police serving Bolton and Westhoughton Greater Manchester Police - Westhoughton Policing Team

Westhoughton is currently served by a team of 8 Police Officers and Pcsos, with back-up as required from the Divisional HQ in Farnworth. Many local residents will be familiar with the Pcsos (Police Community Support Officers) whose role is to work with and within communities offering support, advice and a friendly presence. (Crime Prevention Advice)

Inspector Evans Sergeant Malone PC 15537 Phil Burrows PC 15537 PC15537 Phil Burrows
Pcso 63331 Michelle Moore Pcso 63331 Andrew Hawkeswood Pcso 63209 Keith Atherton Pcso 65093 Vicki Hardy - awating photo

Of the Pcsos, Michelle Moore serves the Westhoughton South area; Andrew Hawkswood, the Wingates area; Keith Atheron, the Daisy Hill area, and Vicki Hardy, the Hunger Hill and Chew Moor areas.

The role of Police Community Support Officer is to work in the local communities as part of the neighbourhood policing teams. They are an integral part of effective neighbourhood policing as they provide reassurance by high visibility patrolling in the community, often being the first port of call for residents. They will deal with anti-social behaviour such as youths causing annoyance, neighbour disputes to other low level crimes. The uniform is a cap with a mid-blue band and GMP badge; blue t-shirt; combat trousers and standard issue body armour.

A Pcso is also a good source for the collection of intelligence which will often lead to arrests and the convictions of offenders. They also attend schools to interact with children on their areas; advising on how to keep themselves safe, along with doing talks such as: 'Safe for summer,' 'Safe for Autumn,' and 'Cracker' - the December to January operation that tackles shop lifting offences and theft from person.


PACT meetings (Police And Community Together) are held in the local area with the police, councillors and the community. The aim is to bring everyone together to discuss issues within the communities to try and resolve any problems arising from this meeting. They are held once a month and are open to everyone. The dates for the meetings are advertised around Westhoughton and also on Twitter. The last PACT meeting was on Tuesday 20th May between 7pm and 8pm at The John Holt Centre, Birch Avenue, Westhoughton. We also hold local police surgeries at the Police Post on Pavilion Square - a chancer to talk to police about crime and anti-social behaviour issues and concern in an informal and confidential manner. These are held weekly on a Wednesday between 1:00 and 2:00pm

Upcoming Police Surgeries at the Westhoughton Police Post:
June - 18th (6pm), 21st (4pm), 25th (6pm) and 28th (4pm)
July - 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th
- all between 1pm and 2pm.

Schemes, Campaigns and Successes

There are numerous operation run throughout the year. Including 'Operation Cracker,' 'Treacle' and 'Safe for Summer.' These are to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime issues. There has been a significant drop in crime over the past few years in Westhoughton, although we do have small pockets of crime that happen throughout the year. The Pscos have crime reduction advice and leaflets available to read and keep.

Warnings will be posted from time to time if crime-related issues become a problem: For example, there has been a slight rise in theft from sheds and garages where push bikes have been stolen. The advice is that advice all sheds and garages be kept locked and secure.

If you need to contact the Policing Team the please ring 101 and ask for the Officer you wish to speak to - if officer is not in then an e-mail will be sent. In an emergency the number to ring is 999.

Useful links

You can follow the Policing Team on Twitter and Facebook where news and updates are posted:

Twitter Washacre FM 2011@GMPBoltonSouth (Twitter) | Facebook Greater Manchester Police Bolton SouthGMP Bolton South (Facebook).


Simple But Effective Crime Prevention Advice


Take care of your vehicles; by far the most prevalent offence of theft from motor vehicles is where the owner leaves the doors unlocked. Criminals will literally walk around trying car doors knowing that they will find one unlocked, this means they do not have to break glass causing noise or carry implements for which they can be arrested.

  1. Remove belongings, if there is nothing on view in the vehicle to tempt a thief it is more than likely that they will move on to another more attractive target, and if this is adopted by all your neighbours, thieves tend to target a more productive area.
  2. Car keys, please put your car keys in a safe place in your home, do not leave them by the front door as these can be reached by use of a hook and cane, also don't leave them in view of a window, as this allows thieves to make a quick entry without having to search for the keys.


  1. Please ensure that you lock all exterior doors AND windows, many crimes take place due to insecurities, try to get yourself into a routine of checking that your doors and windows are locked, this will prevent them from being forgotten about.
  2. As with your cars please put house keys in a safe place out of view, leaving them in a door makes it easy for them to get in if a window is nearby. It's also easy for them to get out and remove larger items from the house.
  3. Don't allow thieves to window shop, when you retire for the night close curtains or remove things like laptops, purses and the like from view, again don't make a tempting target.
  4. Sometimes garages and sheds are forgotten about, as if you are like me you will have various tools and the like which cost a lot to replace, again keep sheds and garages closed and locked when not in use, I know It can be a pain but not as much as arguing with your house insurer to replace them.
  5. Now the dark evenings are upon us if possible leave a light on in the house if you are going out. Or use a timer switch so if there is a criminal walking around they will think that you are at home and will try somewhere else.
  6. Please use the attached sheet for recording your property. This could be helpful when property is recovered by the police and it can be returned to you.


  1. By far the most important advice is to be aware of your surroundings, avoid walking into dark deserted area's alone.
  2. Don't advertise. Don't leave valuable personal items on show; things like mobile phones, purses and cash make tempting targets.
  3. Do not leave you bags unattended or over the back of chairs when out, the same applies for jackets with wallets and purses in the pockets.
  4. It's also a good idea to separate large amounts of cash from cards, so if the worst happens you don't lose it all.

Please remember that this is just general advice, which covers a wide range of incidents that have occurred in the past, and not particularly in your area. There is no need to worry about any of the above points, however, it is helpful to raise your awareness and pass advice gained from isolated incidents. Greater Manchester Police are working hard to keep your area safe and peaceful, and with your help and support we can continue to achieve our aims. We are running many initiatives to deter and prevent the types of fore-mentioned incidents occurring.

As a result please feel free to contact us with any issues that are affecting you or your neighbours or for further crime prevention advice. We can be reached on the below number or just stop us in the street, alternatively you can visit the GMP web site gmp.police.uk.

Bolton South
0161 856 5608

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Participating Groups

Community Events

  • Healthier Together Programme
    Fri 18 July (12:00pm to 2:30pm)
    Holiday Inn Bolton (Ashton Suite) (BL1 2EW)
    An initiative covering Greater Manchester, the NHS seeks your views about health and care services; future changes and improvements. All welcome to this community feedback event.
  • World War One Commemorative Event
    Sat 19 July (from 2:00pm)
    Westhoughton High School Drama Theatre
    Westhoughton Town Council presents an event to mark centenary of start of WWI. This is a ticket only Civic event that will feature performances by High School & Primary School students, The Houghton Weavers, Wingates Band and On The Go Theatre Group.
    Exhibition Westhoughton Library
    From Sat, 2 Aug Westhoughton Local History Group will present an exhibition of WWI with a local focus (221 fallen). 'Lest we forget.' Runs until 11 Nov.
  • Summer Educational Activities
    at Eatock Lodge with Lancashire Wildlife Trust, 29 Jul to 7 Sept.
  • Hope Community Centre
    Updated programme for the Central Drive Hope Community Centre managed by Hope Church. Group activities and events; available for hire for parties.
    Information on WACO and their activities in the community .
  • Washacre FM (87.7)
    On Air Mon 16 to Sun 22 June
    The 2014 7-day broadcast is done. They'll be back next year. Watch out for photos and a summary of the Community Hour with WCN news & info from guests interviewed.
  • Big Fun Day

    Held on Sun, 1 June
    this big family-fun event was a big success and credit to the Westhoughton community. Photos and updates soon!
    Previous Community Fayres:
    | |
  • Westhoughton Area Forum
    Wed 2 July (last meeting)
    Westhoughton United Reformed Church, Leigh Road (BL5 2LW)
    Bolton Council run meeting and forum for local residents touching on local issues and initiatives in the presence of local councillors and officials. Agenda items: Volunteering Opportunities; Budgets & Q&A session.
  • Women of Westhoughton
    Thursdays from 7:30pm
    Hope Centre (Central Drive) BL5 3DS
    Est. 2013, new women's group for shared interests, talks, outings & social networking. Updated programme.
  • Friends of Westhoughton Station
    Meet 1st & 3rd Sundays of mth | 10am or 1pm
    Volunteer group cleaning up and improving Westhoughton Station for local commuters. Work groups making good progress. All welcome.
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